Friday, January 13, 2017

Two days of pictures

Alex is getting his head together for our visit to the Villa Casale

A charming dog interrupts Lynn to tell us it's about to
start raining.  Dogs know.

The villa's bath complex shakes up our conceptions of what a bath is for...

which makes Alex wants a notebook that get be used while wet.

That would be the best!

Kelsey is willing to sacrifice scholarship to keep her notebook dry.

Alyssa watches the aqueduct try to deal with this rain. 

Looks like Avery is plotting something...

<GASP!> They're going to murder Amanda!

which amuses Mary.


Thank goodness, Amanda is alright.

Bailee is smitten with Roman mosaics

in fact we all are.

Junie thinks I can't see her behind the bottles.

The agritourismo luncheon has arrived.

This glass is more than half-full...of levity.

Full bellies make for happy people.

Bailee just told Mara to shut up and looks pleased with herself.

That's just adorable.

We enjoy hanging out in the lobby in Syracuse

Is Erin sad again?

Nope, don't worry.

We like our hotel in Syracuse.

Lynn explains the complex functions of Greek theater.

She has a lot to say....

Who is that strange figure on the hill?

Avery is in their element.

Bailee and Mara scamper around the theater.

Kylee likes it too.

Alex shows us where his seat would be if he were
an ancient Syracusian.

Amanda likes to press wildflowers.


Zach consoles a disappointed Junie who saw no bats or bears or ghosts
in the spooky cave.

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